About. Irina Gryaznova — photographer. Moscow

Irina Gryaznova

Photographer working in junction of documentary and art photography

Irina was born in Yaroslavl in 1982. In 2006 she graduated from the Yaroslavl State Technical University with a degree in Architecture with a specialization in Reconstruction and Restoration. Since 2007 she has been living and working in Moscow. Leaving the profession of an architect, Irina found her creative potential in photography and since 2019 she began to study, work, take part in exhibitions and publications.

A person became the main theme of creative research. The author is interested in the interaction of people with each other, the connection between the inner and outer world. Working with archives and documentary observation allow Irina to build an architecture of memory — to fix the present and restore the past. By carefully collecting details and discovering connections, Irina reveals the supporting structures of a person’s living space and  role of a person in it.

Member of Association of Photographers “EURASIA ”


2021-2023 — Author’s courses by Yulia Artemyeva 

2020-2023 — Author’s courses by Andrey Rogozin 

2019-2021 — Photoplay school, Moscow


2021-2022 — F-stop magazine, Photovogue, Iconic artists, Sguardo artMaracujaphotographers, Emc magazine, Mob magazine, Marika magazine, One Eyeland 


2022 — “Silhouette festival”  International Exhibition & Competition of Modern and Contemporary Art, Saint-Petersburg, Russia. 1st place

2022 — Maracujaphotographers self-portrait competition, Italy. finalist. 

2022 — “Your body belongs to you”,  Saint Gilles Crouix de Vie, France

2022 — Photography competition at the “Pechka” International Village Film Festival, Russia. Finalist, 1st place.

2023 — Personal exhibition on “Pechka”  International Village Film Festival, Russia.

2024 — Group exhibition “Planet of people”, Le Corbusier Exhibition Center, Moscow, Russia.